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Particle Flow Tools: Box #2 Pro

The Box with PhysX™ inside!

The latest provocative package of particle awesomeness from The Wizard of OrbaZ is Particle Flow Tools: Box#2 Pro. This easy-to-use new software integrates with the Particle Flow system to let you create sophisticated, realistic physics simulations.

Taking advantage of the powerful PhysX™ simulation engine from NVIDIA® (included free, works with and without PhysX-enabled hardware), Box#2 Pro provides operators and tests to replicate real-world effects such as natural and man-made forces, binding particles together and then breaking the bonds, collisions between particles and with other objects, and more. Also included are several new Birth operators that are optimized for physics simulations as well as a preset flow that makes initial setup a snap. To top it all off, Box#2 Pro gives you three new modifiers that allow particles to interact with standard mesh objects in mind-blowing ways.

Features include:

For the first time, Box#2 Pro enables special-effects artists to fully harness the power of 3D software to create such effects as beaded curtains, chains, collapsing buildings, destructible environments, and much more. The motion looks as real as can be, whether you're using 10 particles or 10,000, and setup couldn't be easier.

Particle Flow Tools: Box#2 Pro is compatible with 3ds Max 9 and all later versions, and with both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of 3ds Max.

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